2018 CELEBRATE KIDS! CONFERENCE – Information for Directors


We hope you’re making plans to  join us for the 2018 Celebrate Kids! Conference, September 26 through 28, in Columbus. The Ohio CASA staff have put together a dynamic and powerful program with knowledgeable speakers recognized on the national, state and local levels. In addition, the Celebrate Kids! Conference offers the 12 hours of Sup.R. 48 in-service training required of CASA volunteers and guardians ad litem, making it the best training value in the state for our member programs.

This page includes information about workshops, speakers, continuing education, lodging and more. The links at the right provide access to the registration and payment processes, as well as additional important information.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Registration is open from 12 a.m., June 1, until 5 p.m., September 14, or until the conference reaches capacity, whichever comes first. Participants are encouraged to register early. After September 14, requests to register will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All Ohio juvenile court judges, including those judges in counties not served by a CASA program, are entitled to three scholarships provided by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Scholarships can be used to for any three participants (i.e., the judge plus two volunteers/staff, or three volunteers/staff).

Program directors must submit a signed Judicial Authorization for Scholarship for each volunteer or staff member attending on scholarship to Ohio CASA by 12 p.m., Wednesday, September 26.

Before submitting any payment, please complete and submit an online Payment Summary form.

All payments must be received by Ohio CASA by 12 p.m., Wednesday, September 26.

More information is available here.

Workshop seating is first-come, first-served. Participants are not guaranteed a seat in any workshop unless they serve as monitor for that workshop.

Workshops will be closed once room capacity, as determined by the fire marshal, is met.

Workshops with the most interest will be listed periodically on Ohio CASA social media pages. Participants should be prepared to attend an alternate workshop in the event a preferred workshop is closed.

Ohio CASA asks for workshop preferences for planning purposes only.*

A copy of participant workshop preferences will be provided at conference. Participants will also receive a copy by e-mail after registration.

*Workshops with the most interest will be listed periodically on Ohio CASA social media pages. Participants should be prepared to attend an alternate workshop in the event a preferred workshop is closed.

There will be three workshop formats:

  • Plenary Session (Thursday)
    All participants are encouraged to attend.
  • Kickoff & Breakout Workshops (Wednesday & Thursday)
    90-minute workshops are scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.
  • Intensive Workshops (Friday)
    3-hour workshops on various subjects. Intensive workshops may incorporate any of the following to enhance the learning experience: in-depth group discussions, interactive participation elements, technical skill development activities, introspection and analysis, and various media elements.

Ohio CASA is looking for two monitors for every workshop, each with different responsibilities:

  1. LEAD MONITOR to assist the speaker with all presentation-related needs.
  2. ASSISTANT MONITOR to manage the sign-in procedure at the workshop entrance.

Being a workshop monitor is the only way to guarantee a seat in a particular workshop.To sign up, click here, or contact Kathleen Glumac, program services coordinator, for additional information.

The Celebrate Kids! Conference provides the Rule 48 continuing education required of CASA volunteers and guardians ad litem, as well as professional continuing education units for social workers and continuing legal education for attorneys.

  • RULE 48 (CASA Volunteers)
    • 12.0 hours provided
    • Fee: Included
    • Certificate: Provided to program directors at conference
    • Pending approval
    • Fee: $50
    • Certificate: E-mailed after conference
    • 12.0 hours provided
    • Fee: $100

CEU and CLE forms will be available at conference after payment in full. Participants must return completed and signed forms to Ohio CASA staff before leaving confererence.

Eligibility for CEU and CLE certification will be verified with workshop sign-in sheets; participants must sign in to each workshop attended to receive full credit.

All Celebrate Kids! Conference workshops cover one or more of the five education categories mandated by Ohio Sup.R. 48, which governs continuing education for CASA volunteers and guardians ad litem.

Use the information below to find workshops in a particular category.

W02, W03, W05, W06, T02, T03, T08, T09, T10, T12, T13, T15, T16, T17, T19, T21, T22, T23, T24, F03, F05, F06, F08.

W01, W02, W04, W05, W06, T03, T04, T05, T06, T08, T10, T11, T12, T18, F01, F05.

T14, T16, T21, T22, F07, F08.

W02, W03, W05, W06, T02, T03, T04, T06, T08, T09, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16, T17,  T18, T19, T20, T22, T23, T24, T25, F01, F02, F05, F06, F07, F08.

T01, T18, T06, T07, T09, T11, T13, T20, T21, F02, F04.

The 2018 Celebrate Kids! Conference will be at the DoubleTree Columbus-Worthington.

In response to demand, Ohio CASA has increased the number of discounted rooms available at the DoubleTree. Discounts are not available through Ohio CASA at other area hotels.

Reserve DoubleTree rooms here by September 4 and use code “OC9” to secure the discounted nightly rate of $109.

In consideration to other programs, please reserve only enough rooms to cover participants already registered for conference.

All program managers registering multiple hotel guests should download, complete and submit a group registration form to the DoubleTree; you may use additional pages if necessary.

To facilitate hotel check-in, please have a copy of the form with you at conference.

Ohio CASA/GAL Association staff take pictures and record video at all Ohio CASA events. Permission is implied for Ohio CASA to use participant names, images, and voices in any publication or promotion without compensation. The rights to all images and recordings are the sole property of Ohio CASA. Images and recordings will be used only to further the Ohio CASA mission.