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Newborn baby after delivery at hospital

New Protocals Ask Doctors to Look for Sentinel Injuries

More than half of young babies with suspicious injuries are taken to emergency departments at hospitals for adults. Recently released protocols for the professionals examining those infants are aimed at protecting the infants from possible future abuse.


Ohio CASA Board Member Weighs In on Trauma and Addiction

Ron Luce explains that the underlying cause of an alcohol or drug addiction is frequently some kind of trauma. “Really, when you get down to the bottom of what’s going on, it’s not about the drugs or the alcohol,” he says.


Program Director Sought

Henry County CASA is seeking a full-time director to lead and manage all aspects of the agency.


Ohio Valley Hit Hard by Opioid Crisis

As it does elsewhere, the so-called opioid epidemic stresses county budgets and courts dealing with abuse and neglect cases in southeast Ohio and West Virginia. It also betrays the need for Read More