Changing a Child’s Story for the better

Oftentimes, change can be a good thing – a fresh start. Though, children in foster care have had more than enough change; their life in foster care began with changing their home, changing their family, and even changing their school. Their caseworker and a lot of the other adults in their life might have also changed, with the exception of one; their CASA Volunteer. CASA Volunteers remain with the child for the entirety of their case, and are sometimes the only consistency they can depend on.

Volunteers like Kathi are there for the child from beginning to end. A volunteer since 2012, she has helped 16 children from seven different families, making sure each child’s best interest is represented in court, and their needs are being advocated for from the first time they meet until their case is closed. James is another CASA Volunteer who is just beginning his advocacy journey, and yet, he’s already changed a child’s story for the better. Last year, James was assigned a 16-year-old with high-level mental and emotional needs. By implementing the CASA Model. James was able to connect the youth and family with necessary resources and provide the court with recommendations. The 16-year-old was able to return home to her mother, and her family is now better equipped to meet her needs and keep her safe, happy, and healthy.

Last year, National CASA helped more than 271,000 children across the United States, and in Ohio we changed the story of 9,500. There are still more than 6,500 children in Ohio without a CASA Volunteer – without a caring adult by their side to help them through the most difficult time in their life. We know you’re out there. If you’re ready to learn more about volunteering and changing a child’s story, let us know.